Now more than ever before effective technology infrastructure is crucial to the success of business operations. Thom Consulting recognise this and provide personalised IT consulting services, meeting companies at their point of need and providing clear pathways and solutions for technology infrastructure needs.

By partnering with Thom Consulting you can rest easy knowing your technology infrastructure will quickly adapt to meet the rapidly changing needs ever present in the business world.


Solid network design is fundamental to network performance and stability. Good design reduces network outages and down time, maximises scalability, enhances performance and improves staff satisfaction and productivity.

Thom Consulting design networks specifically tailored to our customer's requirements.

Local Area Network (LAN) - From designing simple unmanaged networks through to complex managed networks with VLANS, our technicians have the expertise and experience to create and implement a reliable scalable LAN to suit your company's requirements.

Wide Area Network (WAN) - Our services include determining bandwidth requirements, working with suppliers to deliver an Internet connection to router, firewall installation and management and more.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Through Virtual Private Networks we can create a secure and cost effective way of connecting two or more Local Area Networks. This is accomplished using an encrypted tunnel over the Internet. VPN'S can also provide your company's staff secure remote access to your Local Area Network.


Thom Consulting technicians have years of experience in network implementation and management. For both basic and multifaceted needs, we are confident we can implement the right system for you. This could be a simple switched, unmanaged network or a complex managed network with virtual Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. When maintenance or modifications to your company network are required our experienced IT specialists will complete these with minimal disruption to your operations.


When a new system is incorporated into an existing technology infrastructure it is crucial that all aspects are taken into account. Our technicians manage installation risks to help avoid business disruptions during implementation and follow the process through to successful completion. Thom Consulting technicians have extensive experience in software and hardware implementation, systems integration and management.


By remotely monitoring your company's network it is possible to diagnose and resolve issues before they occur. This strategic delivery of proactive IT maintenance ultimately reduces downtime and costs for you. Alerts notify our team of critical issues for quick response and resolution. This combined with regular onsite maintenance, minimises the chance of downtime and its impact on your company's operations.


Systems administration is an important part of keeping technology infrastructure performing optimally. When a change is made to your system it is important the change is made correctly. Thom Consulting are able to carry out the majority of systems administration tasks remotely, including creating and removing user accounts, managing backups, software upgrades, database administration and the like. We aim to minimise the need for onsite systems administration and disruption to your business. Thom Consulting take the headache out of systems administration leaving you to focus on your business.


Technical support is a critical component to the effective management of your company's technology infrastructure. Thom Consulting can provide technical support when and where you need it. This includes 24/7 phone and email support, remote and onsite IT technical support, application and production environment support and more.

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