What is the difference between datagrid and gridview in 2?

The short answer is that the gridview has built-in control for sorting and paging where the datagrid required three poodles, a ring of fire and the sacrifice of a small child to get it to do those "routine" tasks.

For a more detailed accounting of the differences, take a look at MSDN MAG Issues...

From personal experience, the gridview is more flexible, but it still carries a lot of "weight" as a trade-off for that flexibility. I've been doing a lot more with repeaters because they're smaller in overhead and still offer a good portion of the features a gridview has...unless I'm going to do sorting or paging. Then, mostly for the ease with the built-in features, I'm using the gridview.

How to prevent unauthorized computer access?

There is no such thing as perfect software, often a software program may have several issues and could potentially have security vulnerabilities that can leave your computer open to attacks that compromise your computer and your data.

Software patches, updates, and drivers are made available, often for free, to consumers to help keep a software program and operating systems running properly and secure. If the program you're using does not have any type of method of checking for updates on its own it is up to you to verify the program is up-to-date. Often this can be done by visiting the web site of the developer who created the program. A listing of third-party companies and links to each of their pages can be found on our third-party support page.

If you're running Microsoft Windows we suggest you see document CH000545 for additional information about keeping your Microsoft Windows computer up-to-date.

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